Caring for your sunnies starts with understanding a bit about the lenses and about storage of them. Once you purchase these sunglasses, be sure to read the instructions we have included with your order. Knowing these simple steps can help you avoid doing any type of damage to your glasses. Before you put on those sunnies, be sure you know how to care for them properly.



Cleaning Cloths

Keeping the lenses clean can sometimes be a problem for any pair of sunnies. One step to avoid this is never to touch the lenses directly. The oil from fingertips tends to create the most difficulty seeing. When you do need to clean them, use a microfiber cloth. This soft material allows for shining and cleaning of the lens without any possible damage to the lens. Do not use paper products or other types of non-organic cloth to clean the lens. This can cause very minuet scratches that distort the image and damage the lens in the long term.



In time, just opening and closing the sunglasses creates wear and tear. In some situations, the screws become loose and fall out. To avoid this, tighten the screws at least every few weeks when you wear the glasses regularly. A simple eyeglass kit is usually all that is necessary to do this. A very small screwdriver allows for this tightening. Do not over-tighten though. This can make the frames difficult to bend, which can lead to additional problems. Keeping the screw kit on hand is the easiest way for you to tighten screws that come loose while wearing the glasses.


Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning solutions used on sunglasses need to be mild. It is never a good idea to run sunglasses under hot water. Rather, apply a small amount of eyeglass cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth. Then, use this to wipe down the lenses as well as the arms and frames. Cleaning solutions should only use mild detergents. Purchasing a spray can help to reduce the risk of scratches. These scratches occur whenever any type of abrasive cleaning solution or chemical-based product wears down the lens and its coatings.


What Not to Do

  • Using tissues -Tissues contain paper fragments that damage lenses
  • Using glass cleaner - Chemicals can damage protective coatings on lenses
  • Using hot water - Damages the lenses and frames



Investing a few minutes a day in properly caring for you sunnies can ensure these sunglasses last for years to come.